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Positional HEPADS - Access Body Process Class

What are Positional HEPADs?

Positional HEPADs are a huge amount of what creates pain in the body.

This process eliminates everywhere you have taken a fixed, stubborn point of view that cuts off your awareness of anything else.

HEPAD is an acronym that stands for:

Handicapping: Everywhere you handicap yourself so that you don’t outshine or outdo others around you. You limit yourself to fit in.

Entropy: Where things fall apart over time. This can relate to your body, your relationships, your belongings, your businesses, etc. Anything you have that falls apart over time.

Paralysis: Thstubbornis is where you paralyze yourself with a fixed position and ensure you have no other choices available. Have you ever felt you are stuck because you have no other choice?

Atrophy: Where your ability shrinks and becomes useless. Muscles do this. So do mental capacities when you take a specific point of view and refuse to see any other options. The capacity for joy shrinks and becomes non-existent.

Destruction: When you use your energy against you so you destroy yourself instead of create. You make yourself finite instead of infinite.

It also addresses aversion to sexual, creative energy which is vital for creating what you truly desire in your life.

This process addresses ALL of these things with simple hand positions that anyone can does it get any better than that!?

This process takes a full day to learn because there is so much to cover.