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Put the Fun Back in Business - 3 Week Online Adventure!

What if your life was your business? And your business was your life... From the moment you wake up YOU ARE IN BUSINESS! What different choices would you make?

Business can be such an amazing source of creation for the life that you desire. But so many of us are riddled with fear and so many point of views of what this word even means. What if business was not what you thought it is? And what if it’s all about creating the fun and joyful living you desire?

PUT THE FUN BACK INTO BUSINESS is about choosing to have something different show up in your life. Having all the tools you need to set you up for success….. And having all the fun and ease throughout the process. This program is about sharing all the tools you need to know to empower you bring your ideas to life -

anything from small to big ideas that can transform the way you live your life. The tools you will learn will contribute towards you seeing business and life differently, and therefore equipping you to make different choices.

These few weeks will get you to ask yourself some questions:

o Do you have a burning thought or idea that you would love to bring to life but you don’t know how?

o Maybe you have a business idea or an idea that could contribute to the community, but you just don’t know how to get started

o Sometimes we don’t even know the questions to ask to get us going with an idea

o Is this the time to create the life you desire? Is this the time to choose something different?

Change the way you look at (your) business, and your life! What if it was easier that you thought it would be?

Join us for a 3-Week ADVENTURE of Tools in Action, Creation, and Integration!


This week is about really understanding the challenges that prevent you from getting going and being equipped with the tools to overcome these.

- 7 Days of Tools uncovering challenges that kill ideas and solutions

- Daily FB Live support tools and clearings taking you through


The creation week is about putting your ideas into action, bringing to life what your heart truly desires, and receiving all the support and coaching you need to do this.

- Creation Process & Tools to generate and institute Ideas

- Daily FB Live support tools and clearings taking you through a clear process of developing your ideas and nurture them to life.


This week is about clearing all the energies and challenges that will come up when you bring the idea to life!

Your investment will include:

- Closed Facebook group with lifetime access to the content and facilitation

- Group of potent beings to share your journey and experiences with, and contribute to each other's growth and success

- Daily FB Live support, tools unpacked and clearings

- 3 calls that will facilitate you through any challenges you may be experiencing and provide you with practical tools to change that.

- Learning the tools that will enable you to create and bring to life your ideas and help you set them up for success

- Learn to overcome the challenges and energies that prevent you from creating the life you desire

I wonder what contribution this can be to your life and living?

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