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Talk to the Entities - The Beginning

  • Greenwich, CT USA (map)

Do you know that entities are not just ghosts? What else could be possible if we tapped into our capacities to perceive and receive from entities are all around us?

Join us for Talk To The Entities - The Beginning - where you will learn how to develop your own awareness and change the way you see and work with the spirit world.

Using the tools and processes of Access Consciousness® you will gain greater clarity with the magic and ease the spirit world can truly be while simultaneously getting rid of all difficulty and reaction you may have to entity awareness.

Gaining greater consciousness with the spirit world will enhance the ease and consciousness of your entire life.

Many people are made wrong and driven to varying levels of angst, depression and in severe cases insanity by their un-acknowledged and misunderstood capacities with the spirit world. If you are one of these people or know someone who is, then Talk to The Entities is for you!

Some of the subjects covered in this class will be:

*Introduction to the Access Consciousness Processes

*Getting out of Fear and into Potency with Entities

*Getting rid of all the lies you have bought about entities

*Everything you should have been told about Entities that you weren’t

*Identifying your Entity awareness signs

*Clearing and Communicating with Entities

*Different Kinds of Entities

**And much, much more!

***PLEASE NOTE: Bars is a pre-requisite for this class. Click here for my next class or here for one near you.