Hi! My name is Kerry Garner Venter and I'm looking for beta testers to test out my new class "Beyond Self Help". Apply now if you are:

A healer, light-worker, spiritual seeker or life long learner who currently uses popular self-help/mastery tools and strategies like: meditation, visualization, positive thinking, manifestation, goal setting, Law of Attraction, Reiki, prayer/worship, etc. and feel they are working to some degree but know there could be something else even more effective.

In this beta test class, I'll reveal why these popular self-help strategies and tools fall short and give you replacements that will blow your mind!  You'll learn practical, transformational tools which you can easily and effortlessly weave into your everyday life, without the extra time other strategies often require.

About me:

I had a Near Death Experience at the early age of 10 and have been a ferocious seeker of the Truth ever since. I've literally and figuratively been there and got the (many) t-shirt(s) and eventually found a set of tools and processes that were beyond what I could have ever imagined. 

I have helped hundreds of spiritual seekers to go from frustrated and despondent with their efforts not giving them the results they desire, to empowered and grateful that they were finally equipped to create any change with greater ease and consistency.

Beta Test Dates:

Begins: Monday 5/30
Ends: Friday 6/17
Modules Released: Mondays - 5/23, 5/30, 6/6, 6/13
Coaching Calls: Fridays - 5/27, 6/3, 6/10/ 6/17

Here's what the beta test course delivers:

The shocking truth about 'goal-setting' and its limitations plus an alternative that you'll actually love

Why affirmations will waste your time and what to do instead that is far more effective

How positive thinking is a trap and how to overcome it

The real reason visualization doesn't always work and the simple tweaks you can make so it does

The 5 vital keys to never being disappointed by others

An easy way to eliminate monkey mind WITHOUT having to spend extra (or any) time meditating

A simple way to determine what is actually true for you

What you need to know about 4 main kinds of energy flows and associated people/situations

A straightforward daily process you can use to change and/or create anything you desire with great ease

A fail-proof way to clear the energy that is sticking/blocking/limiting you

Direct experience and application of the tools to create/change anything you desire

Sound like something you'd like to learn? Here's the deal when you apply to be a beta tester...

✓ You need to fill out a brief application below. By applying you are agreeing to be notified about the course, even if you aren't accepted

✓  As a beta tester you get to take this awesome course at no charge! This course will sell to the public for upwards of $1000 once I've ironed out the kinks

✓  In exchange for the opportunity to run through it at no cost, you will be required to submit feedback after each module and/or lesson, that will help me refine it before I launch it to paid customers

✓  You should expect to spend 2-4 hours per week on the course

✓  If you have a great experience, I will request a short video testimonial towards the end of the class

✓ Only a select number of applicants will be accepted into the beta program so please be thoughtful in your responses.

Beta Test Format:

This is an online course with virtual coaching and facilitation from me throughout. There will be:

☺︎ Four online learning modules delivered once a week on Monday. Each module contains information, activities, and invitations to apply the tools.
☺︎ Four 60-minute live coaching/facilitation calls with me, every Friday, where you can ask questions about the class or something you’d like to clear using the tools you’re learning. The awesome part about these calls is that everyone experiences the benefit/clearing from each others’ questions and clearings, so things that you didn’t have words for, weren’t aware were limiting you etc. will be cleared - poof! Calls will be recorded in case you miss them AND so that you can continue to listen to the clearings from the call - gifts that will keep in giving! How does it get any better?

☺︎ Private Facebook Group where you can connect with and support other conscious beings who are also excited about learning new tools + strategies

Ready to apply? Yay...happy dance!

Please allow 5-10 minutes to complete the application and remember to be thoughtful in your responses, as only a limited number of applicants will be accepted.

I look forward to receiving your application!