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Coaching is where the magic begins...

Have you ever wondered what it would be like for someone to totally have your back, have full faith in your capacities and be willing to equip and empower you to know that you know!? 

Coaching can be a powerful vehicle for sustainable transformation in that it creates a space for you to access your own knowing, the choices you have available, and the places and spaces that need to be addressed or cleared in order for you to choose them. 

No one knows what’s right for you, better than you do.

No one knows what is true for you, more than you do. 

Sometimes it just requires a facilitator (the root of the word - facil - means ‘easy) who can create a space for you to navigate to that place and space inside you.

We’ll begin with what it is that you’re aiming to create or change. Then the magic and journey begins...

During each session, we’ll explore the places you’re operating from un-consciousness (where you’re not aware of your choices); anti-consciousness (where you’re choosing against your awareness); and most importantly, expand your consciousness so that you have total awareness and choice. 

How is my coaching different? 

So glad you asked! My coaching is unique in that it combines verbal processing from Access Consciousness® which allows us to call up and clear all the limiting points of view, beliefs, and judgments that you’ve made in any and all lifetimes, without having to go into the mental cognition and rehashing of it all. 

What’s the point of understanding anything when all that really does is make you stand under it and get weighed down?!

Before I incorporated the tools of Access into my practice, I had been certified in NLP, Neuro-semantics, the Demartini Method and so much more and whilst these things worked, they didn't quite work as quickly, seamlessly, dynamically, and easily - and we all know that when it comes to changing something, we want it like yesterday, right!? 

Everything is energy, so when you work energetically with coaching, it works much faster and the change is far more sustainable. 

I discovered that I could literally shave off countless hours and save my clients thousands of dollars by using the Access tools and more importantly than that my clients would walk away way more empowered to use the tools themselves!

How does it get any better than that!? 

Choice creates.
what would you like to choose? 

Whichever you choose, you'll never be the same, so dip your toe in or dive straight in!

$200 Investment

Verbal Processing Included

$400 Investment

Verbal Processing Included


Would you like a deeper dive? 

What could we create and change together?

If you are really demanding greater changes in one or more areas of your life or there are some bigger fish to fry, then a bundle might be your best option as it's the most comprehensive option. I only work with a few people a year in a longer coaching mastery capacity, so you'll have my undivided attention when you choose this option. 

The program includes a suite of profiling assessments that are designed to fast track the process and increase self and other awareness so you can have greater control and confidence in all areas of your life.

This deep dive Coaching Mastery Program includes:

  • 1 x Target Setting Session ($650 value)
  • 10 x 1 hour Coaching session including verbal processing ($4000 value)
  • All session recordings
  • Voxer support throughout the program 
  • 1 x Assessment on Your Path of Least Resistance to Creating Wealth ($97 value)
  • 4 x Whole Brain Preference Assessments ($388 value) to give you awareness of what stresses you out and how you think across multiple contexts
  • 1 x Assessment Feedback + Training ($997 value)

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