my clients were once in your shoes

What would your testimonial say?

You have been a real blessing in my life. Your wise soul has been instrumental in my growth as a person and professionally. I value your input, challenges, and piercing questions! I look forward to many more challenging, yet exciting coaching sessions with you.

— Andrea Q.

Wow! I feel speechless - thanks my ANGEL (I mean that literally). I am so deeply grateful for all your help! Can’t wait to celebrate the creations that transpire from all this clearing with you! Love you lots!

— Nicky P.


I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Kerry for a truly amazing and life changing journey. After spending over 20 years building a career in marketing and experiencing many successes along the way, I found myself surprisingly unfulfilled. I felt that my life was in chaos, I was completely overwhelmed and depressed. By working with Kerry I have managed to find the answers to my questions and ultimately what I am meant to be doing with my life. Together with the tools and coaching sessions I have managed to find balance in my life. I now find myself on a new path where I have enough time with my family, I enjoy regular exercise and me time, and I have started a new career that I love!
I would strongly recommend Kerry to any person that is struggling to find direction, balance, and meaning in their lives!
— Julie K.

I feel pumped! The Bars and coaching sessions were unlike anything I’ve ever done before. I cannot believe what I’ve created since we started working together and the direction my life is now headed...London baby! I would never have been able to quit my job, leave my family, and pursue my path. Everything I learned from you has empowered me and anyone even considering a glimpse of something different in their lives should jump at the opportunity to work with you!

— Blake G.


I am so grateful you came into my life! I remember long ago when my everyday prayer was that God would help me be happy one day. I never realised it, but he brought you! I am fully aware of how I have created my relationships and other situations and it’s an amazing experience to finally grasp and get it! I’m so grateful that I’m more aware because now I feel like I can just me and just be ok with it! For the first time I’m actually OK not knowing and not trying to figure it out! You have made such a profound impact on me and who I am today. You helped me learn to love myself through the tools and the coaching and I look at my life now - how I view the world, issues, challenges, how I overcome them, my approach - and I thank you for showing up in my life! Now I’m at a space where I can really create my reality and desires! I am forever changed by our encounter and I will never forget it!

— Lebo M.

Our sessions allowed me to see that potential I have within me and the future I can forge. They also allowed me to appreciate the present and learn from my past with greater insight. I was looking for a coach that would inspire me and allow me to see a path that was otherwise clouded. You not only did that but you also empowered me with the tools so that I can continue to be my own inspiration, which is worth more than anything, so thank you!

— Warren H.

I have known Kerry for over 6 years. She has coached me personally and professionally and empowered me to achieve things I never knew possible in both those contexts. She has helped my teams gain greater awareness of how to work better together and me with being the authentic leader I truly be. I would work with Kerry anywhere. She has the wisdom, knowledge, and maturity to deal with anyone from any background and does it without any judgement.

—Mosidi S.