Are you a creative + conscious entrepreneur who's ready to build
a life and business you love...

but are feeling lost, overwhelmed, and frustrated by

Not Knowing
Where to Start


Not Having Your
Systems in Order


Not Having a Website You Love


Not Having the Right Mindset 


here's how we can we fix all that!

Explore and see what catches your eye!


1:1 Coaching

Coaching is now the new rage, but not all coaching is and not all coaches are created equal. I've been trained and certified in some of the most transformational approaches that are out there - ones that have stood the test of time and ones that are on the cutting edge of: Neuro-science, Peak Performance, Psycho-neuro-immunology (PNI), Ontology (the nature of being), whole system change, human energy systems, and expanding consciousness.

What would it be like for you to know that someone totally had your back and could hold a space for you to access, leverage, and monetize your unique contribution in the world?  


Clarity Days

Have you ever just wished you could have a day to brainstorm new products or business ideas, set an inspiring vision, start or finish a website, or just spend the entire time unearthing and clearing all the limiting belief and point of views that stand between you and your dreams? Sometimes a dedicated day to get shit done is all that is required! What would you like to create in a day? 


Plannning for Profit

"Planning for Profit" is my siganture, 6 month group coaching program that I facilitate for creative, conscious entrepreneurs who would like to expand their businesses and lives! What if profit was something totally different from what you’ve decided and defined?

“Profit is the expansion of your life - not just your pocket!”



I travel around the world facilitating both live and online classes on a wide variety of topics. Some of my favorite categories are:

  • Business
  • Relationships
  • Creativity
  • Career
  • Leadership
  • Team optimization
  • Business Trasnformation

PS. I and am always looking for new hosts and collaborators around the world! Are you one of them? If so, please let me know here!


Access® Bodywork, Bars®, and Symphony Sessions

I was certified in Reiki and Violet Flame healing when I was 16 years old. Since then I have studied around the world with Shamans, Gurus, and world renounded healers. Whilst much of that worked, I found something greater in the tools of Access Consciousness and became a Certified Body Process Facilitator and Practitioner and a Symphony of Possibility Maestro. There are over 80 body processes and an infinite array of energies and possibilities that I have access to. There is nothing that cannot change with these tools and your choice for it to be so. What would your body like?



Every year I lead at least one Blissful Retreat somewhere warm and delicious and nurturing for our bodies on this beautiful Planet of ours. Whilst each one is different, they all aim to provide participants with these fine things:

  • organsmic food
  • movement/exercise/healing for the body
  • transformational classes/workshops
  • deep rest and rejuvination
  • communion with the Earth
  • networking & fun

are you planning for profit?

Don't just hope for it...

Don't just wish for it...

Don't give in...

don't give up...and

don't quit until...

you've planned for




Planning for Profit is an exclusive, hands on 6 month coaching program that will give you all the tools, systems, and support to help you launch into a new space of possibilities and profit. You get access to all the latest verbal processing, tools, experts, and support you need to expand your life and business to where you know is possible. Spaces are limited to 30 creative entrepreneurs so apply now to reserve your spot!


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WHat would your testimonial say?

I have had (and still have!) the honor of working with leaders and their teams, entrepreneurs and their dreams, partners and their relationships, and creatives with honing their craft.

Each journey combines my unique, integration of coaching, facilitation, energy work, and practical tools to create the transformation and magic you are seeking.

I wonder what would your transformation would entail...?

You have been a real blessing in my life. Your wise soul has been instrumental in my growth as a person and professionally. I value your input, challenges, and piercing questions! I look forward to many more challenging, yet exciting coaching sessions with you.

— Andrea Q.

Wow! I feel speechless - thanks my ANGEL (I mean that literally). I am so deeply grateful for all your help! Can’t wait to celebrate the creations that transpire from all this clearing with you! Love you lots!

— Nicky P.


I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Kerry for a truly amazing and life changing journey. After spending over 20 years building a career in marketing and experiencing many successes along the way, I found myself surprisingly unfulfilled. I felt that my life was in chaos, I was completely overwhelmed and depressed. By working with Kerry I have managed to find the answers to my questions and ultimately what I am meant to be doing with my life. Together with the tools and coaching sessions I have managed to find balance in my life. I now find myself on a new path where I have enough time with my family, I enjoy regular exercise and me time, and I have started a new career that I love!
I would strongly recommend Kerry to any person that is struggling to find direction, balance, and meaning in their lives!
— Julie K.

I feel pumped! The Bars and coaching sessions were unlike anything I’ve ever done before. I cannot believe what I’ve created since we started working together and the direction my life is now headed...London baby! I would never have been able to quit my job, leave my family, and pursue my path. Everything I learned from you has empowered me and anyone even considering a glimpse of something different in their lives should jump at the opportunity to work with you!

— Blake G.


I am so grateful you came into my life! I remember long ago when my everyday prayer was that God would help me be happy one day. I never realised it, but he brought you! I am fully aware of how I have created my relationships and other situations and it’s an amazing experience to finally grasp and get it! I’m so grateful that I’m more aware because now I feel like I can just me and just be ok with it! For the first time I’m actually OK not knowing and not trying to figure it out! You have made such a profound impact on me and who I am today. You helped me learn to love myself through the tools and the coaching and I look at my life now - how I view the world, issues, challenges, how I overcome them, my approach - and I thank you for showing up in my life! Now I’m at a space where I can really create my reality and desires! I am forever changed by our encounter and I will never forget it!

— Lebo M.

Our sessions allowed me to see that potential I have within me and the future I can forge. They also allowed me to appreciate the present and learn from my past with greater insight. I was looking for a coach that would inspire me and allow me to see a path that was otherwise clouded. You not only did that but you also empowered me with the tools so that I can continue to be my own inspiration, which is worth more than anything, so thank you!

— Warren H.

I have known Kerry for over 6 years. She has coached me personally and professionally and empowered me to achieve things I never knew possible in both those contexts. She has helped my teams gain greater awareness of how to work better together and me with being the authentic leader I truly be. I would work with Kerry anywhere. She has the wisdom, knowledge, and maturity to deal with anyone from any background and does it without any judgement.

—Mosidi S.