I offer quite a variety of private sessions (virtual and in person) which may include one or more of the following:

Facilitated Classes - At the root of the word facilitation is 'to make easier' and this is exactly what happens. This may include clearing the unseen, unspoken, unacknowledged energy around what is limiting or stopping you so that you can create and change what you truly desire with greater ease. I facilitate classes with groups of people mainly in person or on a teleseries.

These classes are on a variety of different topics from: money, relationships, leadership, being you with greater confidence and ease, health and body, etc. and are totally free form.

Anyone can ask any question, at any time, and whatever gets facilitated with them, changes for the rest of the class...how does it get any better than that?

Coaching - This includes asking lots and lots of questions (sometimes unexpected) that allow us to follow the energy of what is required for you to bring to life what you desire, like "What if there is an easier way?" AKA 'the how'.  Coaching can be conducted virtually or in person!

Access Bars® - A hands-on-head process which stops overthinking, clears all the thoughts, feelings, considerations, mental fog, and clutter and creates the space for you and your body to choose and create for you with greater ease. Getting your Bars run will require you to be in person.

Symphony Sessions - Energetic bodywork that allows us to breakthrough walls, limitations, and barriers as well as explore and exponentialize what else is possible. These can be in person or virtual!

You'll be taken to my online scheduling system where you can read through all the different session types I offer and book your sessions instantly!