What are you not willing to be or do?

What are you not willing to be or do thats limiting you?

What have you decided that you can’t be or do that if you were willing to be or do it, would give you everything you truly desire?

This is one of those questions that may bring up a lot for you. Especially if you’ve decided, judged and concluded that you can’t or won’t be or do certain things.

All these decisions, conclusions, and judgments you have about those things, are the very limitations that keep you stuck in the situation you may be desperately trying to change.

The more we decide, conclude, and/or judge things as good or bad, right or wrong, better or worse, the more we limit what we can actually create and receive in the world, and yet we’ve been taught that there are things that are ‘better’ than others.

Your point of view creates your reality, so when you become aware of the points of view that you’re operating from (which usually stem from decisions, judgments, conclusions, etc.) you then can choose to operate from something else.

Now you might be thinking, “Well, why would I want to be willing to clean toilets…or be homeless or drive a taxi, or [insert your unwillingness here]?!”.

You see the minute you judge something as right or wrong; good or bad; better or worse, you lock up and limit that energy by the very definition you give it. So if you judge cleaning toilets as ‘bad’, you would never be able to receive any idea, inspiration, gift, assistance, money etc. that could actually contribute to you and your situation, simply because of your judgment/point of view about it.

Bottom line is that when you’re unwilling to be or do something, it usually means that you’re trying to control the outcome, the form and structure that it shows up in, and the way that it shows up.

Have you decided, concluded, and judged how and in what form, you’d like what you desire to show up?

Would you be willing to let go of all of that, and be totally surprised by how else it can show up?

Whereas, if you have no point of view or judgment about it, it means that you are willing to follow the energy of what matches what you’d really like to create in your life, and that means that you’re more likely to receive whatever that is with greater ease than you could have ever imagined – literally.

Asking yourself what you’re not willing to be or do provides you with information and energy, so that you can change it.

Everything is energy. And energy is everything. Especially when it comes to creating a life, relationship, money situation, etc. greater than what you may be experiencing now.

If anything isn’t working out like you’d like it to in your life, stop and ask yourself, “What have I decided, judged, and concluded about [insert the thing you’re unwilling to be/do]?”.

One of the most liberating realizations you can have is to acknowledge that if you’d be willing to be or do anything, you could open up to the infinite possibilities that are actually available to you to receive what it is that you truly desire.

Now please don’t jump to the conclusion that this is another one of those invitations to sit back and wait for the Universe to deliver something to you on a silver platter, like the Law of Attraction or Secret perpetuates for people. This is totally different.

This is about being a co-creator of what you’d like in your life and being willing to follow the energy that matches it. So if cleaning toilets feels light and true for you, you go and do that because you know that in some magical, strange, unexpected way, whatever you asked for or more is just around the corner.

So, let me ask you – “Would you be willing to do anything to change everything, with total ease?”…is that a yes? Ok great! So then everything that my question brought up for you and everything that doesn’t allow to you do that with total ease, would you destroy and uncreate that all too?

Is that a yes? Awesome! Right and wrong, good and bad, POC and POD, all 9, shorts, boys, and beyonds!

Now, it sounds pretty weird, doesn’t it? And it might even sound weirder or be inconceivable to you that it can really do anything…but what if it could?

Would you be willing to be judged or perceived by others as weird if you chose to use it?

Would you be willing to be or do the weirdest of things, to set you free?

Really get the energy of that…if you weren’t willing to be or do anything “weird” how would you be able to receive the magic of the tool? It’s pretty simple – you wouldn’t and your situation, for the most part would remain the same.

What you read is called the Access Clearing Statement, which is like a magic wand that completely annihilates, all that energy and changes it.

It’s actually shorthand for quite a lot of information, so if your mind needs an explanation you can click here.

The coolest part of this whole post, is that if that's a ‘yes’, then you now have one of the weirdest, wackiest, tools out there, that is also one of the most powerful, potent, magical, tools available.

So, now it doesn’t matter what you’ve decided, judged, concluded or computed you weren’t willing to be or do, you have a tool to clear all of that, just by saying a string of words.

How does it get better than that?