Are you killing your future with any of these?

4 Ways You could be killing your future

We all have a future. One that we are either consciously creating towards, dreaming about, hoping for, or...killing unintentionally.

One of the greatest learnings I’ve had on my quest to seek how we truly create anything in our lives and futures with greater ease, is the vital ingredient called choice. I used to believe that awareness was more important than anything else. And it is that important.

But what happens when it doesn't seem to be working?

If you’ve been wondering why your choices may not be creating what you actually desire, I’m going to break down 4 of the key culprits that are killing your creations and arm you with the weapons to destroy them! Ain’t got no time for that right!? 

Let’s get into it:  

1. Judgment

Judgment is a sneaky little fucker. It perpetuates and pervades this polarized reality and if you’re not aware of how it shows up differently, it can escape you and start to wreak havoc in your life and creations. 

Anytime you have a polarized point of view - positive/negative; good/bad; right/wrong; better/worse; win/lose; my way/your way; conservative/liberal; introvert/extrovert etc - which has two opposing sides, you have judgment. 

And the most misunderstood thing about judgment is that it’s also happening when you’re labeling something as ‘good’ just as much as when you label it as ‘bad’. 

Consider a show like America’s Got Talent. What do the “judges” actually do? They don’t just judge whether the talent was bad, they judge it for if it was good too! So even when you call/label something ‘positive’ you’re taking a polarized point of view which locks up and limits your awareness of what else is possible and what else it is, and could be! 

My favorite tool to overcome this “Interesting Point of View”. 

Anytime you have any point of view - good or bad - repeat the following, “Interesting point of view I have this point of view. Interesting point of view I have this point of view” and notice how it changes. 

2. Choices vs. Decisions

Can you already sense that there is a difference in energy between a choice and a decision?  A decision is something that arises out of options - usually limited to what’s you’re weighing up - (which just sounds heavy!),  of which one is either…(here comes the judgment)….right/wrong; good/bad; better/worse - which you then believe you have to commit to in order to avoid what would happen if you didn’t make the decision! LOL, read that all again!

A choice on the other hand, can be changed again and again for another choice. It’s neither right nor wrong; better nor worse; etc. It’s just a choice that when made, opens up a whole new universe of possibilities and information and awareness and more choices to make from that new space!

Decisions limit. They often send you down a narrow hallway that you’ve bought is the only way forward that you have to follow through on and “live with” the consequences of. 

Decisions kill creation.

The weapon I use to diffuse them is living in 10 second increments of choice. I ask questions about what would contribute to my future and then I choose whatever is light and I choose again. 

Whatever is light is an indication that it’s true for you. Whatever is heavy is not and/or there is a lie that is spoken/unspoken there - still indicating that what you’ve decided/concluded or bought from someone or somewhere else, is not true. 

Consider how many lies we’ve bought as true - which are not - that we let inform our choices…or decisions. 

When you choose against what you KNOW is light and true for you, that’s called anti-consciousness. When you choose something blindly - without asking any questions - that’s operating from un-consciousness. 

3. Conclusions

How many times have you found yourself saying, “That will never happen!” or “She’s going to be a great employee!”. 

Anytime you have a fixed point of view about how something is going to turn out, or how someone is…it’s usually a conclusion that you’ve made. Conclusion stops the generative energy available and makes you have to start over. 

Conclusions kill creation.

It’s similar to a decision, but different in that it’s usually doesn’t require you to weigh it up against something else. It’s something you’ve already decided is so, without even questioning at all! 

If you ask questions instead, like “What would it take for that to happen?” or “What will she actually produce?” you’ll receive an awareness of what actually is, rather than what you’ve concluded. 

Let’s say you’ve just heard about/seen an event you’d like to attend that matches the energy of what you’ve been asking for in your life and you immediately conclude that you can't take time off work, sort the kids out in time, afford it, etc.

Where’s the question in that? 

Instead, of concluding, you could ask, “If I choose, this what would my life be like in 5 years?” or “What would it take for me to have the money show up with total ease?” or “Who does this ‘belief’ belong to?”. It’s not about knowing the ‘answer’, it’s about getting the energies of what you’d like in your future, and sensing if you have a match if you choose that ‘thing’. 

“Choice and question are the two things that will change everything” - Gary M. Douglas

4. Computations

You know those times when you’re in your head, coming up with a million different scenarios and hypothetical's that actually don’t leave you having burned through precious time, no better than when you started trying to figure it all out? 

Those are computations. And they drain your energy and lead you nowhere.

Einstein said it best, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking used when we created them.” 

Instead of trying to figure it out, you’ve got to be willing to ask questions and then receive and perceive the awareness that you get and allow the how to be something that you surrender to, rather than come up with.

This goes against we’ve been taught, which is about coming up with the answer or solution. However, when we try to figure it out, we block out how it could actually show up with greater ease and magic that we could ever have imagined or thought.

Our minds only know what they know. However the Universe - which responds to questions - has infinite intelligence - can provide the how if we are open to receiving that information and guidance and then choose to act on it.

Now this is not about sitting around and waiting for the doorbell to ring. It's about going outside your house to follow the energy of what you've asked for until it gets actualized into material form.

So the next time you find yourself trying to come up with a solution, answer, and/or running through scenarios - that's computation - stop and start asking questions instead.

And note that the point of asking questions is NOT to get answers. It's to get awareness!

So take care not to ask rhetorical questions (which are not real questions that create) - rather ask things like:

"What could I choose right now that would create my future with greater ease?"

"What else is possible that I haven't considered?"

"What energy, space, and consciousness can me and my body be for this to come to fruition with total ease?"

Can you see how there are no 'right/wrong answers' that your brain could figure out for any of these questions...?

They require you to tap into and listen for/receive an awareness.

So there you have it! Make sure to stop these 4 killers in their tracks and experiment with the new questions and tools shared!

Tell me how it goes or ask a question below!