Being You, Changing The World…is it really possible?

“What if you, being you, were the missing key to having everything you’ve ever desired or wanted to create and change in the world? What if you being you meant receiving everything, being everything, knowing everything and perceiving EVERYTHING?”

You “dreamers” are my people. You are the ones who can truly change the world, if you can just allow yourself the permission to do it. If you can come out of the idea that this reality—as it is—will ever be enough for you…" -Dr. Dain Heer. Being You, Changing the World

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve always wanted more out of life. Some people have judged it/me as never being satisfied, never being present with what is and I used to let that affect and limit me.

Now I know that it’s not a wrongness, it’s a strongness and it’s what our world requires - the people who seek and desire something greater.

There is always more that is possible. There is always more that we can be, do, or have…it just requires getting out of the judgment that there is something wrong with knowing that and continuing to ask for it.

Have you had enough of judging you and wondering why you’re life isn’t the way you know it could be? Are you sick and tired (maybe literally and figuratively) that what you’ve always known was possible seems more like a figment of your imagination rather than a reality?

What if you knew that there was still time to change that, there was still a chance to have that, and that all it really took was BEING YOU!?

Kind of weird right? Well, ‘weird’ actually has etymological roots meaning “of fate, spirit, or destiny” so I wonder if this is one of those moments when you’re in the right place at the right time reading this?

If on any level of your being you’ve been asking for something different to show up - and now you’re here reading this - you’re already experiencing the magic of question and it’s just the beginning of what else is possible for you.

Being a seeker my whole life, I’ve studied, become certified in, and tried a LOT of systems/modalities etc. and none of them quite assisted me like the tools in this book. In fact, I’ve been using them for over 10 years straight and have not felt the need to learn or try anything else!

These tools I now use continue to evolve with me and continue to empower me to change anything that’s not working and create what I would like instead with so much ease it sometimes seems like magic.

If any of this is resonating with you, would you like to start learning the tools that can change everything that stands in the way of you being you?

What if these tools aren’t like any other self-improvement ones you’ve ever tried?

It’s not the same old spiritual/psychological re-purposing of the same old stuff, with different words.

It’s not the kind of information you learn and then judge yourself for being inadequate afterwards.

These tools change many of the ways in which you are judging you, making you wrong, and feeling inadequate, so that you can actually BE you in the world, change anything that’s not working and create what you’d really like.

If you’d like to start playing with them, you can choose to start with the book, join an intro call about the class, attend an intro evening, or just register for it all - you choose what will create greater for you.

Would you like to come play at a class I’m teaching called, “The Being You Extended Adventure”, which is based on Dr. Dain Heer’s book, Being You, Changing the World?

You’ll learn pragmatic tools to weave into your everyday life, that can change any limitation and block that prevents you from being you as well as that will assist you in creating all that you truly desire with greater ease and joy.

Is this what you’ve been asking for?