How YOU really can make a difference in the world

How you really can make a difference in the world

Are you the kind of person that would love to change the world? Do you think about all the ways it needs to be changed and wish, pray or wonder what it will take?

Opening up the space of being is not something we’ve been taught or reminded how to do…but what if you already knew how to do it and be it?

Here’s what’s interesting about changing the world, and changing your life…

You have the ability open up spaces and possibilities all the time, but if you’ve decided that it’s not possible, you won’t notice, and acknowledge when and that you’re doing it all the time.

Would you be willing to acknowledge everywhere you already are that, even though others don’t?

Sometime we wait and wait for others to acknowledge in us the very things that we aren’t acknowledging ourselves. And the truth is that no one else will give you what you can give yourself.

We have to choose that which we truly desire and realize that we are the source of anything that is. But if we constantly give up our power and choice to everyone and everything else, as though that’s source of it, then we will constantly be disappointed with the results.

And what’s even more interesting is that when we aren’t living our truth and operating as the source of our life and living, we will continue to experience people pushing us down (sometimes literally) because they can sense that we are living a lie.

The part that may feel uncomfortable, is stepping up and being the very energy that people are judging you for not being, which you know you can be, but have been unwilling to be…because of their judgment.

And the one of the reasons they are judging you is that they too aren’t willing to do or be what’s true for them.

You might have to read that a few times to really comprehend what I just wrote because it’s something that took me a pretty long time to get too.

And so, the more you just BE YOU, the more you will change not only their judgment of you, but the world too. Being you is how you change the world. Because being you is about creating your OWN reality, your own world to live in and giving other people the permission to do the same.

Are you willing to be and do whatever it takes to change the world?

If not, what’s it going to take?