Asking for what you really want

Are you asking for what you really want?

Are you willing to ask for what you truly desire?

In case you noticed, I intentionally swapped the word ‘want’ for ‘desire’ because energetically it’s a much more potent word when it comes to what we’re actually talking about.

If you’re interested in learning more about why our word choice is so crucial to creating the things we desire in our lives, you can read about that here.

And what you’ll read further down, is that energy plays a key part in getting what you truly desire, as well as asking for it.

Getting what you truly desire, begins with asking for it.

So, what is it that you won’t even ask for, because you don’t think it’s ok to ask for… which you likely don’t even believe it’s ok to have either?

How quickly do you even eliminate those things out of your world because you have already decided or concluded that you can’t have them, shouldn’t have them, etc.?

So everything you’ve decided you can’t ask for, of yourself, that would actually set you free if you allowed yourself to ask for it, would you like to change that and choose something different?

What are the beliefs/points of views you have about asking for and having what you truly desire?

Is it not possible? Is not allowed? Is it not within reach? Is it too hard? Are you not worthy, capable, or ready for it?

What if you knew that you could change every single one of those points of views as quickly as you thought them?

One of the coolest things is that our thoughts, feelings and emotions are actually all just different forms of energy. Most of them aren’t even our own, but we’ve never been taught to question what is ours vs. what we’ve picked up on/bought from others, consciously or unconsciously.

We just assume that every single thought, feeling, emotion, desire, etc. is ours and then we respond and react to them accordingly.

The problem with this is that the result of our lives is directly linked to the energies that we’re choosing. So if you’re buying into energies that are firstly not your own, and are not truly aligned with what you’d really love to create, then you won’t and then you’ll start to judge yourself and think that there’s something wrong with you because you can’t create a life you really enjoy.

Insane right? And yet, this is how 90% of the population operates. And the most unfortunate part is that we haven’t been taught the tools to do anything different (until now).

So what if you knew that you could ask this simple question, “Who does this belong to?” to every thought, feeling and emotion to get a sense of if it’s really yours or someone else’s – even if you have no idea who it does belong to!

Don't underestimate the power of this tool.

For every thought, feeling and emotion you have, ask this one simple question and when you ask it, if you feel lighter, can breathe easier, and feel like you have a bit more space in your world, it’s likely not yours and you’d be wise to ‘return it to sender, with consciousness attached’ so that whomever it does belong to, can claim, own and deal with their own shit.

You have enough to do on this planet, than respond and react to other people’s shit, that doesn’t even belong to you.

You also have the right to choose EVERYTHING you’ve ever been ‘taught’, told, sold etc. so use that right, in every single moment if every single day and reclaim your own desired future and reality.

Or not.