The Email Marketing System That’s Made it FUN for Me in My Business!

email marketing system that makes it fun.png

There was a time in my business when I was totally fed up with all the time and money I had spent trying to figure out which email marketing system would actually work for me.  

I went through them all...literally. Until I found Convertkit. But it took two times for me to trial it and a couple other shiny objects to really be convinced that it was the one! 

At the time of my initial search, Infusionsoft had just launched and I really believed it was going to be the system for me. 

In fact, I was one of Infusionsoft’s very first customers and paid the hefty monthly fee even after years and years of realizing that the system actually was causing me more hassle and frustration than actual profit.

Not wanting to acknowledge defeat, I signed up for trials with the competitors like Aweber, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, GetResponse, and kept going and going and going until I was honestly ready to quit them all. 

Fast forward, I had settled on Mailchimp when a few people I trust recommended ConvertKit. With my skepticism rampant, I was hesitant to try anything again and reluctantly did and to be honest, I wasn’t blown away. At first glance, it didn’t seem to have all the bells and whistles that all the other systems boasted and that I was so used to seeing…so I didn’t even give it a chance. I asked for a refund and tried to ignore the knowing that I had deep inside that there was still something there for me. 

I then got lured in by the shiny object called Click Funnels. I was totally sold on all the hype until I learned that they don’t actually include the email marketing system….you have to pay additional for it! No thank you! 

Then a few of my colleagues were shifting entirely into Ontraport…another shiny object. I tried it for a quick minute and it just didn’t match the energy of what I was looking for. 

So I swallowed my pride and humbly went back to ConvertKit to give it another go and was open and willing for the seeming simplicity of it all to contribute to me. 

And then the magic happened….

I was able to easily create email courses to add value to my list. 

I was able to easily create beautiful email templates.

I was able to easily create beautiful landing pages - that either THEY hosted or I could host. Love options!

I was able to easily integrate forms on to my website. 

I was able to easily tag people and create rules and automations - just like in Infusionsoft 

I was able to create segments of tags of people to target specific groups of people!

I was able to stay focused and NOT get distracted by all the bells and whistles that other systems had. 

And I was NOT going to be charged each time one of my subscribers was in one of those sequences/lists/segments…which is how many other softwares make their money! What a waste of money, but not with Convertkit

Their customer support has been amazing. They are almost always online ready to chat and help you out. There is a robust support/knowledge database that is very thorough and easy to follow. AND they are constantly adding new features and open to feedback to improve.

There are some other blog posts I read through like this one about all these different systems and their experiences with them and why Convertkit trumped them all, but if you’re like me and just want something that is simple and gets the job done and will GROW with you and your business, dive straight in and let’s get going! 

And to make it super easy - I’ve allocated some time to take you by the hand and WALK YOU THROUGH IT all personally, so you don’t have to sit and watch a million videos and get lost down all those unnecessary rabbit holes! 

Click here to book a time with me and you’ll be building your list, engaging with your audience, and giving them the value you know you can, in no time!