True Meaning of Profit Is Not What You Think

true meaning of profit.png

Most people are so busy hoping to survive and meet their expenses, that profit rarely comes into the equation. We are bombarded daily with tips and strategies on making money and being profitable, but very rarely do people actually stop and consider what the true meaning of profitability actually is and what it takes to be truly profitable. 

What if profitability wasn’t just about making money…what if it was about expanding your life, not just your wallet?

Here are 3 tips to start expanding your life, not just your wallet. 

1. Know Your Words

I’ve been interested in and studying energy and etymology (meaning and root) of words for over 20 years and I’ve come to learn that the words we use are one of the main carriers of the energy we have in our lives. 

One of the tools that I’ve found to be really useful is looking up the definition of words before the 1900’s when many of those definitions changed. 

According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, the word profit has its roots from mid-12c meaning “advance, increase, success, progress, accomplish, be useful, and to make do.

Nowadays according to Merriam-Webster online dictionary, the word mostly refers to: returns, gains, compensation, and income. 

Why is that important to note? Because it means that the focus on profit and profitability has been narrowed and the expansive energy that used to relate to progress, accomplishment, being useful, advancing and so on, could get lost if you’re not conscious of it.  

It also means you may start to judge yourself a lot quicker for not being profitable (getting a financial gain or income) when in fact you are making progress and advancing in some form. Self-judgment can be a real killer of creative energy, so watch out for it and acknowledge where you are actually progressing! 

2. Choice Creates 

The ultimate profit of life is what choices you have, not how much money you have!

In order to have true profitability and expand your life - not just your wallet -  choice is required. It’s first helpful to recognize that decisions and choices are very different. Decisions - if you look at the etymology again - are based on settlements, agreements, and cutting off one thing to have another. Choices, on the other hand, are about the act of selecting, discerning and perceiving what will create the greatest now and in the future. Choices are not based on right/wrong; good/bad; better/worse, where as decisions tend to send people into that polarized point of view which inevitably makes them scared of choosing anything because they buy into a severe case of FOMO! 

Truth is there is nothing that you’ll miss out on unless you keep choosing not to choose. 

When you choose something it will give you the energy of what it will create and if you know that you can always keep choosing and that there is no right/wrong, you will ultimately accelerate your profitability. 

What if every choice created a future not just a profit? What futures are you creating that you haven’t yet acknowledged? Acknowledgement is key. Let’s dive into the next tip which is about that and getting real with what you’d actually like to create. 

3. Get Real & Acknowledge What Is

Are you aware of how much it costs you every month? Does that include the things that you actually value and would like to have in your life or just the bare minimum? If it’s the latter you’ll only create that amount.

You’ve got to get clear about how much money is required to operate your business AND life because they are interrelated. If you wake up in the morning and you have blood running through your veins you’re in business! Your life is your business - even if you don’t have an actual job or business entity. So by including what you’d like in your life and what that costs, it gives you chance to get real with what you actually desire and require. 

By acknowledging what you’d like to create and generate you’ll actually be able to receive it. When you buy into the lie that where you are is too far away from what you’d like, you stop choosing, which in turn stops the creative flow and ultimately will impact your profitability. 

At the end of the day, profitability is not just about the money. It’s about you acknowledging where you are advancing, progressing etc. It’s about knowing you have infinite choice. It’s about acknowledging what you would really like and what it takes to create that.